January 12, 2014

Sure, I've been busy . . .

. . . but it turns out blogging is both exhausting and somewhat boring writing about my life because everything I write sounds like a bad holiday newsletter . . .

Here's what I've been up to; I rode a bike in India (amazing - the most overused word in 2013 - but it really, really was!), I spent a lot of fun time with my children and grandchildren, I went to a couple of awesome holiday parties (one of which I hosted - the 36th Annual Cougan/Davis dinner), I worked - a lot, I was a lucky, lucky girl who got to go to Hawaii the day after Christmas, I am expecting my fourth grandchild any day now (being an expectant grandparent is so much more fun than being the expectant mom), and I have absolutely no complaints with the exception of a few sore muscles and joints which are totally age related but maybe I'll address that in a different blog entry.  Simply put, and I am not sure why me, but I'm blessed . . . here are the pictures.

Hoping for great blessings and adventures in 2014!

October 11, 2013

Going on an adventure

Especially for Cascade Bicycle Club of Seattle Ms. Michelle Cougan

The tour starts in Delhi, the capital of India and finishes in Udaipur. Join Pedaltours as we cycle through villages where we will share the road with goats and camels, sacred cows – perhaps even an elephant; see local women pumping water at the communal well and be overwhelmed by magnificent Moghul forts rising above deserts and towns. Lodgings have been carefully chosen for their location, character and comfort.

I finished Science Day at work and now I'm ready for a little vacation! I'll try to keep you posted.

September 11, 2013


My friend B's mom passed away this week.  Lois was an amazing and unique woman and I am truly a better person having known her.  Lois always made me feel welcomed and loved and celebrated. Her granddaughter (B's daughter) summed her up perfectly and you can't improve on perfection . . . this was Lois in nutshell . . .

My belt should always match my shoes.
Black goes with anything.  Especially more black.
There is no such thing as too many handbags.
Don't buy cheap shoes.  They make your feet ugly.  And no one likes ugly feet.
Wear a bra.  Even if you have nothing to put in it.
Be anything at all.  Just don't be boring.
Food is the way to a man's heart.  And a blow job.
Water makes you rusty.  So drink wine instead.
Every woman should know how to make an apple pie.
Never admit you don't know something.  Make up an answer and go with it.  Good acting will win over intelligence any day.  Just look at all the idiots in Hollywood.
The sign of a good man is a good eater.
Be careful what you set your heart upon, for it will surely be yours.  (I always loved this).
Make sure your clothes fit properly.  If you look fat in it...you are.
Never ask someone their dress size, shoe size, age, grades, or income.  It's tacky.
Never criticize a book, play, or film unless you have read it or seen it yourself.  Art is full of surprises.  And beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  And most peoples' opinions are garbage.
Be loyal.  Fiercely loyal.  Especially when it concerns your family.
Never turn down a drink...or dessert.  It's rude to the host.
You don't get to choose your own nickname:).
You should always have fresh flowers in your house.  And they should never be carnations.
People not having 'seconds' at the dinner table is never an option.  Always make more food than you think you will need.  That's what Tupperware and a fridge are for.  And if your food is good, you won't need either.
When excusing yourself from the table, you don't need to give a reason.
When it comes to opening presents, no one likes a good guesser (and no one likes two little kids that open ALL the presents at Christmas Eve either).
Don't date the bartender.  He probably has crabs.
Don't stare, unless they deserve it.  And if they are dressed like a fool or acting like a fool...they deserve it.
Surround yourself with people smarter than you.  But always be the funniest.
Hang artwork at eye level.
Read.  Look up the words you don't know.
Do crossword puzzles.  Look up the answers you don't know.
It's okay to be an asshole once in awhile.  The people that matter will always forgive you. 
Write letters.  On paper.
Never push someone off a dock.  It makes them not trust you.
Unless you are a doctor, never answer your phone after you have sat down at the dinner table.
Always keep a good joke handy.  The dirtier the better.
There's no such thing as too much salt, too much garlic, or too much wine.
There's never a proper time to chew gum.  It makes you look like a cow.
Never practice two vices at once.  One is all anyone needs.  But be good at the one you have.
Don't ever request a joke or an impression.  They are never as good on command.
No one likes a know it all.
The F-word cures every problem.  Big or small.
And, above everything else, nothing is more important than family.  Love them, be nice to them, and tease the hell out of them at Thanksgiving.

I'll miss you forever Lois - heaven just became more lively and vibrant with the new resident.

July 24, 2013


 Today I was spontaneous . . . Peter sent me a picture of his beer while waiting for the noon time start to the Mariner's game .  Looking at that picture I thought, "What are you going to remember in 20 years, the afternoon you spent at work or the afternoon you spent at the game with your son." Right then and there I decided to join him! So, I sent the boss an email explaining I was taking a half-day vacation and joining my son at the game and off I went. That is one of the things getting older has taught me, take advantage of the priceless times when you have the opportunity.

June 23, 2013

Busy Weekend

This was a busy weekend, different than my normal chore busy Saturday and Sunday with housekeeping, laundry, grocery shopping and church.

Had a lot of fun with dinner with friends, movie with Abby and Eli, and a good Sunday night dinner.  But most of all, I'm glad that guy didn't fall off the high wire crossing the Grand Canyon - that is just plain crazy.  

June 7, 2013

Cloudy and Gray in Bothell . . .

. . . but warm and snug in Meme's office (okay, cubicle). Abby, Gus and Melissa stopped by to have lunch with me.  We planned on a picnic but it was a little too gray and a little too cold so we elected to improvise in my snug little cubicle!

April 12, 2013

Friday Night Lights

Is it lame if I think an almost perfect Friday night is a hot bath and a glass of wine?

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